Website Disclosures

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES. (a) Hot tub privileges are available only for those properties designated as such. (b) Occasionally, some pools may experience a mild ground current. Generally, this is not caused by a pool defect or the household electrical system, but appears as a result of the earths own natural electrical current. Please be advised, however, that this may affect the operation of pacemakers and other similar devices; (c) Due to the possibility of accident or injury, Owner prohibits children from using hot tubs.  Also, the chemicals used to keep hot tubs sanitary may cause fading in some swimsuits and some individuals may experience mild skin rashes. For your safety, chemical dispensers shall not be removed at any time; (d) Owner is not responsible for any personal items left on the Premises including prior to occupancy, during tenancy and/or after check-out; and (e) the Premises is not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic;. (f) Premises is in the woods and, as a result, you may encounter insects such as wasps or wood boring bees, and animals, such as skunks, foxes, groundhogs, deer, or bears, at any time.  Owner is not liable for any acts of nature during your stay; (g) From time to time weather may make getting to the property dangerous given the roads and driveways are steep.  Owner is not responsible for any interruption in your stay due to inability to access the property or damages to Tenants property due to weather. If you have questions or concerns related to occupancy, please contact Agent.

SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT. You agree to be responsible for any damage to the Vacation Home or its contents, normal wear and tear excepted. After Your occupancy, the Vacation Home will be inspected to determine if any loss or damage (including additional cleaning) has been suffered. In such event, you will be notified in writing within ten (10) days of check-out and will pay all replacement costs or repair costs within ten (10) days of receipt of request for items damaged.  Owner agrees to submit receipts and invoices to you for your verification.

ACTS OF GOD/CONSTRUCTION NOISE. Owner shall not be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with your scheduled occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies (e.g. beach nourishment, condemnation, etc.), fire, strikes, terrorism, war, inclement weather, including flooding, and construction noise from nearby sites. NO REBATE OR REFUND will be offered in these circumstances.

SYSTEM FAILURES. In the event the Vacation Home sustains a failure of a system, including but not limited to water, sewer, septic, electrical, mechanical, propane, heat pumps, ventilating, and structural systems, Owner shall not l be liable to you in damages and no refunds will be given for such failures. However, the Owner will make an effort to promptly repair or replace the failed system or equipment. In such event, you agree to permit Owner or its service staff to have reasonable access to property to inspect and make such repair.

JURISDICTION, INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS. By booking with us, you agree to submit yourself to the jurisdiction of Myrtle Beach, SC and to indemnify and save harmless the Owner for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost or expense whatsoever (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees) arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with your use and occupancy of the Premises including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury, damage or theft of property or theft of property or infringement of intellectual property rights (e.g., illegally downloading video, audio or text files via any internet service located at the Premises) which is caused, made, incurred or sustained by you as a result of any cause, unless caused by the grossly negligent or willful act of the Owner, or the failure of the Owner to comply with the normal standards of care. Owner is not providing any warranty of any kind, except as otherwise expressly provided herein, whether written or oral, statutory or contractual, express or implied, including, without limitation, THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PURPOSE OR USE, which are hereby expressly excluded

MISCELLANEOUS. You agree and have verified that for purposes of this Vacation Rental Agreement that your booking confirmation shall serve as your electronic signature and to be bound by same and in the same manner as if you had otherwise ordinarily executed the document. This web page, together with your booking information, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior written oral negotiations, representations, or agreements. Each section, subsection or paragraph of this Agreement shall be deemed severable and if for any reason any portion of this Agreement is unenforceable, invalid or contrary to any existing or future law, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect the applicability or validity of any other portion of this Agreement. For all purposes hereunder, electronic signatures shall be deemed to be originals and such signatures shall be given the same effect as would an original signature. THE PARTIES ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, UNDERSTAND IT, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS, INCLUDING OWNER’S CANCELLATION POLICY.