Arrival & Departure Details


Once your booking is confirmed and paid in full, the host will contact you for your phone number. The day of your arrival the door code will be set to the last four digits of your cell phone number. If you have any issues getting in via the front door, we even have a back up key available for you if necessary.

When you arrive, please check the AC and feel free to set it at a comfortable temperature for you and your family. Also go ahead and check the temperature on the hot tub to ensure it will be at temp when you are ready to jump in.

To operate the televisions, well that is a whole paragraph in itself. We have XFinity Streaming service and it is operated via the ROKU remotes. Don’t worry, there are complete instructions on how to operate it in case you didn’t bring any children under the age of 10 to do it for you. You may also find that we have our Netflix account logged in. Feel free to use it, just please use the Guest Account.

While you are there, remember to keep all trash inside the house due to bears. You can bring the large trash can from outside into the garage. Trash is picked up on Mondays! Please make sure the trash can is at the top of the hill each Monday morning.

Wi-fi network name: Seasons Change & Wi-fi password: Spring101


Before you depart:

1. Please set the AC to cool at 73 and heat at 65.

2. Turn down the hot tub temp to 97.

3. Place all towels in the hall tub.

4. Place all trash in the trash can at the top of the driveway.